5 Tips to Style Your Bathroom

5 Tips to Style Your Bathroom

Are you looking for good ideas to reinvent your boring bathroom and give it some interesting twist? Well you’ve come to the right place. On an average, people spend between 2 years to 2 years and 40 days of their life in bathrooms. That is a crazy amount of time and to then use a boring loo day in and day out is quite frankly, very monotonous. 

Break this monotony by adopting our budget friendly tips to reinvent the style of your bathroom. 

Introduce a Touch of Greenery 

One of the foremost things that have become quite a common feature in new modernized bathrooms is a plant or two. There are many available options from which you can choose the type of greenery component you want, you have many hanging plants, or big huge corner plants. These plants will bring an element of freshness and liveliness and will make you smile as soon as you enter the space each morning.  

Doing this will not only beautify the whole place but give it a positive vibe as well. You’d both begin and end your day on a peaceful note. 

Bring in Cool Mirrors 

Introducing cool mirrors inside even a smaller bathroom space can make it appear so much more interesting and open, than it actually is. More importantly, mirrors are known to have a deep impact on self perception, which makes the arrangement of them inside your bathroom, a truly holistic process. There are so many options for the people to browse from and then to choose the one that is a perfect fit. They can even customize the frame and the length as per convenience. 

A mirror will bring in light and liven up the space, while ensuring that the bathroom looks cool and classy.

Paint the Walls According to a Theme

Famous celebrities have started this trend of painting the walls or putting up wallpapers as per a theme in each bathroom of their house. It is as if each bathroom has a life of its own and it’s own hidden secrets to tell. You can do the same in your home. The theme can be inspired from your favorite musician or your favorite movie or even your most favorite location to visit in the world. Just follow a theme and dress up your walls in the way you want. Leave even your guests in awe of how out there your imagination can be.

Put in Aesthetic Accessories 

Visually stunning bathrooms make people feel nice and calm. Which is why putting in the right accessories that follow the theme of your bathroom is also something to be kept in mind. Add baskets, shelves, towel racks, makeup trays or even light fixtures that follow a common aesthetic. This will add texture and color while also giving the people an option to have their fair share of storage. It wouldn’t look ugly and would instead add meaning to the space. All your essentials can find a home and all you have to do is arrange every piece in its place. 

Get a Statement Sink 

A sink is undoubtedly the main feature of a good bathroom. However a good old white sink is no longer in fashion. Instead big statement sinks with interesting stories can elevate the style of your bathroom as a whole. 

You can have a plumbing company even install an antique piece sink that you found at one flea market or a patterned one you got from abroad. If you ever need urgent help with it then you find an emergency plumber in Edgbaston quite easily too. 

You can experiment and do what you want when it comes to styling your personal bathroom. The only thing that might be a problem is the budget you have for it. Don’t worry you can get a good statement sink at low prices as well, you would just need to know where to find them.