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Can Your Weed go Bad? What to do if it Does?


To answer the first question, it would be “Yes” or Absolutely. Your weed can go bad. It is a perishable product. So, it is obvious that organic things have a shelf life and can go bad over time. But, the question that you must be concerned about here is “why.” But, before that, let’s talk a bit about things related to the shelf life of cannabis buds. So, whether you are growing your weed or buying it through licensed dispensaries, you must find answers to confirm if your weed is fresh or not? Or ask questions such as how long can I keep my weed fresh? This is because a lot of environmental factors affect the way a plant sustains over the years. Therefore, let’s delve more into the subject to improve your understanding of the issue and how can you avoid it. 

Medical Marijuana

Why Does My Weed Go Bad?

Although cultivators are now trying hard to maintain the content of the packaging to keep your weed fresh for an extended period, the chances of you using a bad weed can never be ruled out. This is because there are more than 100 cannabinoids present in marijuana, including THC and CBD. And this includes CBN as well. So, whenever you harvest your weed, the contents stop growing in number. Instead, the opposite starts happening, and cannabinoids start reacting with the known factors such as light, heat, and oxygen. 

All of this starts degrading the precursor cannabinoids and forms compounds that have a lower shelf life or lower psychoactive effects. All of this can make you feel groggy. Another reason might be that the weed is very old and that too stored in improper storage conditions. This will eventually dry your weed, and you will have to bear harsh smoke. It’s not that you can’t use it for medical purposes. But, the effects would be too short-lived. Expecting it will give you a fantastic experience would be totally out of the blue. 

Can I Revive my Weed?

This is probably one of the most searched topics of all time. Is it even possible to put some life in your old weed? Now that we established the fact about the things that might cause your weed to go bad. The next part will focus on answering the next part of the question, “What to do it does?” Well, if your weed has gone bad, you can do nothing. The only thing that works with weed is “precautionary measures.” You need to do things at the start to end with a fresh and quality strain in the end. And accordingly, make sure to take all the measures there and then to get fine products in the end. 

Well, still, there are some of the tricks used by stoners that can actually help you in a situation where you can’t find a good weed. Or when you have dry weed. Although we can ensure the accuracy of these methods, but, who knows it might help you get something out of a completely wrong product as well. 

Try a Cotton Ball

Keep your old weed into a glass container with a lid. This could be a solution for the stock that you forgot to keep inside and became too dry. Place a wet cotton ball inside a glass container. However, make sure not to wet your buds or it could start forming moldy particles. After sealing the container, the buds will rehydrate from the moisture. But, make sure never too over-moisturize your buds. Keep checking your buds after every few hours and start with green buds right away. 

Citrus Peels Might be The Key

You can use the same thing by replacing cotton balls with citrus peels such as orange. The weed is most likely to take in all the moisture. But, it has an issue of making your weed more citrusy. You can use the same method using different flavors, in case if you wish to change your bud’s taste or aroma as well. 

Lettuce Can be Helpful as Well

If you wish to make buds revive back to the fresh ones, lettuce peels are one of the best and fastest methods for the same. And with these methods, you can avoid changing taste and aroma issues as well. In a couple of hours, and your weed will be back to normal. 

Medical Marihuana

Add More Fresh Weed

Adding fresh cannabis into the jar containing bad weed will help to regain your bad weed’s moisture. It will start becoming a kind that will be fine for smoking or good for the patients using it for medical purposes. 

Other than these methods, there is another method where you can revive your cannabis buds that are starting to rot or have mold or any other issues that are making it a wrong choice for consumption. That is popularly known as water curing. In this, all you need is to submerge your cannabis buds into the cool water. This will help to dissolve all the unwanted particles or nutrients that might be ruining your product. Change your charger once a day, and when the water starts becoming clean, it will be a popular product that will be fine worthy of making a joint. 

How to Identify if Your Weed Has Gone Bad?

I am sure you will try best to make sure your weed does not go bad. But, whether you can say the same for the weed that you purchase is still doubtful. You need to know if the budtender is trying to sell a bad one at the price of a good weed. Check the following pointers to check if you are buying a good or a bad weed. Look for them carefully so that you can locate fresh and good quality weed without a second thought. 

Look for The Visual Signs 

Old weed usually looks dry and breaks into a fine powder with not much of an effort. Although it might seem like a kief at first, old and stale weed also contain seeds and stems, in addition to that, you can sometimes see some signs of mold growth, as well. You can confirm it by checking the source of the product and confirm if that place could have moldy issues. Often people confuse mold for trichomes. You can quickly check it by breaking apart your nuggets. 

Smell Your Weed

Terpenes degrade a lot more quickly in a bad quality weed or poorly stored weed. So, if you are not finding the aroma as pleasant as it should be, it is evident that it is not fit for consumption. Also, if your marijuana is infested with moldy growth, you might smell stale components of the product. Definitely, not a good one or worth spending money. 

Analyze Its Texture 

While buying any cannabis bud, make sure to pull the bugs or nugs apart and look for the signs if at all they are worth consuming. Dry or minimal cured weed will make a squeaky sound, or you might find it dry when smoked. If you have a good quality weed, then it will make a snappy sound confirming its freshness and quality. 

Taste it Once

If your weed passes all the tests above, make sure to smoke a small amount to confirm if your purchase is a good one. If nothing of technique is working for you, the tasting will ensure that you can locate the right strains for yourself. 

Key Takeaways

Whether you are using weed for recreational or medical purposes, medical marijuana doctors everywhere advise making sure you are consuming the right quality product. After all, it is your body, not a trash can that you can put anything inside it. It should be good in terms of taste, aroma, and final effects. Make sure you go for fresh stock only. But, if you find some old stash, revive it if you can before consuming it. 

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Dixie K. Swanson

Dixie works as a budtender and she loves infusing cannabis product in her life too. She keeps herself updated with the new advancements in medical cannabis and its products. Dixie craves food and loves trying new dishes all the time.


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