Do Your Feet A Favor by Choosing The Right Pair of High Heels

For some, it’s the height and for others its the aesthetics. For some, they are beautiful and for others, they are endearing. Whether you like them or not, you will find yourself wearing them somehow. 

Stilettos, Classic Pumps, Slingback heels, Block heels, Wedges, Gladiators heels. There are like thousands of options to choose from.

Heels are something that will polish any of your outfits with class and sophistication. But often they leave you with blisters. And the unending pain of wearing them all day long. All of that can actually bug you to switch them with a comfortable pair of sneakers. 

What if we tell you that high heels can be comfortable enough? And that you can actually wear them regularly. 


Don’t be. 

It’s just a game of simple hacks here and there.

Here’s how you can make your heels experience a little more comforting and definitely empowering. 

Say No To Heels Shopping In First Half. Don’t ever buy heels or for that matter any type of shoes in the morning. You will regret it always. 

Because by the end of the day your feet are likely to be swollen from work or other activities. So, shopping at the end of the day gives you the advantage of choosing the right size. 

So, no more cramping even a tiring day at work. 

Right Size Matters

The heel needs to fit right. But, isn’t that the basis of selecting any type of shoes. The high heels need to hold your feet firmly. It should give a feeling of snuggle right in.

Always try or else you might end up with a wrong pair altogether. 

The trick to comfortable walking is that your heels should have enough space for your toes. 

As cramped toes or not enough space might increase the chances of developing corns, hammertoes, or bunions. 

You definitely don’t want that.

Quality Assurance

Cheaper or affordable counterparts can be intriguing. But, synthetic leather comes with a number of drawbacks. 

Investing in quality heels will benefit your feet in the long run. Going for quality leather or suede heels or a combination of both will help your feet to adjust naturally. Your feet will be less prone to chafing as well.

TIP- To check whether or not your heels are made from real leather, look inside and see if it says “ man-made” or “real leather or suede”.

Right Heel Placement

Imagine a scenario.

You have a lock with a bunch of keys. Only the one with the same structure will fit right into it. Finding the right pair of heels is something like that. Your heel must be placed at the right mark. 

If not, then you should avoid buying those heels for yourself.

Thicker the Better

Heel thickness matters a lot. It ensures a continuous support system to your toes and your body. 

Experts comprehend that slope matters than the height if you are looking for a comfortable walking without stumbling. 

Wider heels offer better stability. So, you should look for platform heels to distribute your entire weight evenly without spraining any foot. 

Choose The Right Height

Whenever you go shopping for your favorite heels. Choose high heels between 3 and 9 cm for a comfortable walking experience. 

It will reduce any unwanted tension on your lower back, knees, ankles. Such heels also help to manage the right balance. So, no fear of tripping or stumbling. 

You have a variety of options to choose from. For instance, “kitten heels” with heel height between 4 to 5 cm. A perfect choice to wear all day long.

Another choice of heel height that is perfect as “all-day wear” is 7-8cm. 

TIP- You can choose a 10 cm heel only for weekend parties or dinners. And anything beyond that height must only be preferred when you don’t have to walk in them. 

Source: https://www.shoezone.com/Womens/Womens-Guide-To-Heels

Extra Cushioning Won’t Bite You

Go for heels that come with extra padding that will help to make your feet relaxed. Plus, extra support is always welcome for walking in style without affecting your toes much. 

You can go for orthopedic insole that is specifically designed to help you find comfort while wearing high heels. 

Once you find the right fit. It is important to practice walking in your new heels before heading out for work or party. 

So put your favorite heels and remember to do the following steps.

  • It is normal to take shorter steps with heels. Don’t try to walk like you do in your normal shoes or sneakers. 
  • Keep your heels vertical whenever you walk with your heels on. Otherwise, you might slip or stumble. 

To summarize, next time you go shopping, you should-

  • Find the right size, height, and thickness
  • Go for leather or suede
  • Try them before buying
  • Look for the right placement
  • Go for heels with extra padding or cushioning
  • Test the heels before going out to work

Feel pretty without losing on the comfort quotient anymore.

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