Food And Love- Decoding The Vicious Link Between Food Choices And Love Hormones

It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this, “ A boy meets a girl, they start going out as a couple. A few months later, the girl loses 10 pounds. Why?” They went through relationship struggles and could not last for long. All of this emotional cascade of events results in a phenomenon that appears to be more personal. But, is actually a deep-seated in our social or psychological behavior. Surprisingly, food and love are linked thanks to our complex hormonal triggers that affect our attachments and food in somewhat similar ways. According to a Professor of Psychology, “Food is like a pheromone to find a potential mate.” And that indulging in different eating behaviors is an incredible way to move forward in a relationship. 

Be honest; you have tried the same for your relationships to start or work. Needless to say that if your love hormones are fluctuating, it will impact your eating patterns too. For instance, back in 2008, a Chapel Hill study found that women who were married were more prone to becoming obese than their single peers. And the same goes for men as well. Studies show that the human need for food and sex are similar. And that both of these entities are the foundation of a natural life course. Let me guess; you are still in doubt about how that’s even possible. Picture this, when you eat, you are using many senses of yours, such as taste, touch, smell. And the same senses are involved during sex. So, when you bring food and love together, the sensations take another course altogether. 

What Are The Food Items That Trigger Your Love Hormones? 

According to some reports, if you get into a relationship, your lifestyle runs around food a bit more. The incentive of being in shape or looking for your best simply starts fading away. It’s all about food and cozying up — nothing more, nothing less. So, experts suggest eating certain food items to make you feel awesome and improve your emotional well-being. The foods that give you a feeling about being in a “happy” mood no matter what. 


Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Oddly enough to be banned by some of the prominent religious leaders. Although that was something too drastic a step, chocolate contains a chemical PEA that gives you a sudden feeling of euphoria. It triggers dopamine release that one links to orgasms, gambling, or drug use. And dark chocolate contains the most PEA. Precisely why couples held onto these food items the most, it gives the necessary boost to make their moments worth remembering. Other options that contain the same chemical, such as apples, avocados, tomatoes, almonds, and cheddar cheese. It’s a food item that makes you happy while in a relationship or when you move out of a relationship. However, the obsession with food and emotions simply makes the whole concept too complicated. The scent, the aroma, and the mood simply make your heart go “aww” with tears of joy or misery, that’s completely dependent on your situation. 

Asparagus, Avocados, And Bananas 

Some food choices make you feel sexy. Well, not exactly the word you would be looking for. What I mean is, some foods make you feel erotic such as asparagus, as they might be similar to some male attributes. The same goes for bananas as well. Its phallic shape makes people think of it as an aphrodisiac. And scientifically, bananas have some essential nutrients (potassium and B vitamins) that are important for sex hormone production. Who knew nature had given us some items that no other modern creations can replace? 


Although it’s the generation of 5G, we can rest upon 2G when it comes to making your love life a successful one. Ginger and ginseng are the spices that will increase your libido by triggering your CNS. Another group of spices, cinnamon, and nutmeg can stimulate your sexual emotions or desires. And while we are talking about sexual urges, here are some choices that might be able to improve the taste of semen: cardamom, peppermint, lemon, and pineapple. However, if you go for onions and garlic, they might turn out to be bad food choices all along. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are planning a romantic evening, consider including these food choices in your dinner ensembles. And if you try including a bottle of wine with hopes of making your evening relaxed. Mind you, drinking in moderation serves your purpose. But, anything beyond that could cause chaos. Imagine a situation when you are trying to get close to your partner, and somehow nothing seems to be working. It’s because alcohol affects the magic of “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, so the sense of touch does not work in a way it is supposed to be. Love is a great feeling, but food makes it the best concoction. Remember that!!

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