How Getting an ESA Letter is Better Than Traditional Medications

Having an emotional support animal means no end to your happiness. Well yes, that’s true. I have one and he never ceases to amaze me with his antics. I suffer from anxiety, so got him an ESA letter about a month back. And life couldn’t have been better. 

ESA letter for pet therapy

Today, people suffer from various mental conditions. It can be due to strenuous work schedules of people nowadays. But what to do? But then Rihanna said Work. Work. Work

In this day and age of competition, everybody is striving to get better than others. So, where does that leave you? Is your working schedule getting over your head?

Chill! Relax a bit. Because too much stress can lead to various other conditions. I know this coming from a person who himself suffers from anxiety is difficult to digest. But I am saying this from my personal experience. Yes, sometimes you just can’t control things. It feels inevitable. So, what should you do?


Yes, if you suffer from anxiety there are a number of medications that can help with your condition. And they are readily available in the market. You can contact a medical professional and ask him to write you a prescription.

But the thing is, are they any good? Well, somewhat yes. They do help you but then mostly they are addictive. Traditional medications tend to not let people go easily. So, if you are taking them, you will end up getting addicted. Also, when it comes to traditional medications, they cause various side effects as well. And these can be dangerous as well.

I used to take them. I was diagnosed with anxiety 6 years back. And for the most part of the first four years, I used to take medications. Believe me, I tried a lot of them. Yes, they used to comfort me but that was temporary. Eventually, my body started resisting them. I used to feel weak and unhappy all the time. Also, taking those medicine made it really hard for me to focus on a thing. I used to forget simple things like what I had for breakfast. So, I decided that it was better I move on to other forms of treatment

So, which direction do you look now? An ESA letter probably. Let’s see.

Emotional Support Animal

Oh! Yes, emotional support animals prove to be really effective for people suffering from mental conditions. Your mind works in mysterious ways. All it needs is a little bit of love and care. It tends to be happy by the simplest of means.

And an animal in your life actually helps you find that optimistic outlook in life. They know how to love a person. We humans might have logic and all the intelligence but what do you need them for when we cannot understand the simplest of emotions. Animals, on the other hand, are far superior beings than us when it comes to expressing emotions. 

Significance of an ESA letter

With an ESA letter, your pet is regarded as an emotional support animal. I got myself a pet and it actually helped me a lot. It is their love and compassion that I today can talk to people without hesitating. I can remain calm and composed most of the times.

So, if you have a pet and it actually helps manage your condition, get it an ESA letter. But how?

Oh! That is pretty easy. Thank god there is the internet. I wonder sometimes, what a different 2019 would it be without the internet. Just glad that it is now.

So, telemedicine is the fastest and easiest process to get the ESA letter. Typically it involves three simple steps which includes getting evaluated by a certified doctor via video call. And if he approves, you receive the letter via video call. Get started then. 

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