How Plastic Waste is Destroying The World

Plastic waste is becoming one of the biggest concerns in the world right now. Its use has multiplied to 20 times in the past 50 years. It will take thousands of years to decompose. So, does that mean we are doomed? The answer is pretty simple, if we don’t do anything now then yes probably we are doomed. 

We have been dragging and ignoring the concern for a long time. But I believe it is high time we do something about this today otherwise there won’t be any world to save. The world is plummeting towards disaster and it is only us who can stop the apocalypse. The words may sound too far fetched but every bit of it is true. We need to look at the harsh reality in the eye and act upon it instead of shoving our eyes off it. 

The irony is when it comes to our houses, we make sure it is clean, we look for dog breeds for protection and whatnot. Likewise, we need to be there to protect our planet too. Let’s take a look at how plastic could be the reason for another mass extinction. 

Death to Wildlife 

Plastics affect more than just people. Humans have the tendency to not just disturb ourselves but everyone and everything around us. In recent years, the reports of plastic debris affecting wildlife have unfortunately multiplied to such an extent that it has led to public outcry and protests. But this is just the scraping of the surface. It is estimated that the world’s seas have about 270,000 tons of plastic floating around which threatens more than 600 marine species. Furthermore, plastic is believed to be an influential factor in the rising rates of species extinctions. 

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Our wildlife today is endangered because of our callous activities. It is not just because of the plastic lodging inside their digestive tracts or getting entangled with them but also because they are non-biodegradable. Yes, neither they are biodegradable nor digestible. Instead, they only break into smaller fragments which makes it even more easier for animals to consume. Eating plastic causes intestinal blockage and malnutrition. The slow poison of chemicals which are leached to plastics is very harmful to animals. It is about time we do something about this now.  


It is everywhere! Plastic debris is found from the Arctic to Antarctica. Be it small towns or urban cities, they clog our streets, parks, camping grounds, and every other place you can think of. It is even piling up on Mount Everest. The runoff from our cities dumps it into lakes rivers which are contaminating our oceans. Travel a thousand miles away from land in any direction in the ocean, you’ll find plastic. 

Mountains of plastic waste are found everywhere in the world’s oceans and water bodies. Be it the Mariana Trench or an uninhabited island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, plastic although no God is present everywhere. It is not just frightening but mortally endangering. Furthermore, do you know that plastic waste is found in the gut of 90% of seabirds? 

Forever and Ever

Yes, they are found everywhere and live almost forever. In 1992, a shipping container with thousands of rubber duckies was lost in the sea between the United States and Hong Kong. Even 27 years after the incident, these plastic bath toys wash ashore from time to time. And not just in Hong Kong or the United States but to coasts of Europe. That just tells you how far it travels and indestructible it is. They survive in the harshest of the conditions. They will probably outlast humanity. And this is not just an observation but a fact if we continue playing our games with nature. It is about time we push our buttons. 

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