How to Lose Weight When You Are a Foodie?

How to Lose Weight When You Are a Foodie?

Losing weight has a lot to do with what you eat and how much. There is no way you can eat however you like and expect to lose weight. But that should not mean you should start restricting yourself. For a foodie, food is love and there is no way I am going to suggest you to let your love walk away. What I am going to do instead is tell you how to keep loving your food and still lose those inches.

But how is that possible? A lot of people ask this. Why is that not possible? You make a few changes and you lose inches, those few changes do not necessarily have to involve completely giving up on your favorite food. Here’s how you can lose weight while eating everything you like.

Cook Your Own Food

Start by cooking your own food. From pizza and pasta to your favorite desserts, cook as much as you can. Cooking yourself means you can have control over how much oil, fats, spices, and carbs you are adding. Moreover, you can substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives without significantly affecting the taste. This way you can enjoy whatever you like and choose your health, altogether.

Along with this, eating food slowly and chewing every bite thoroughly is recommended.

Add More Vegetables

Add more vegetables to your plate. Whenever you are having a meal, eat whatever but have a big portion of vegetables along with it. This will help you in controlling the portion without having to starve yourself. Vegetables are high in fiber and of course filled with nutrients. They can help you feel satiated without contributing a lot to your weight. You can have your veggies raw, boiled, sauteed, or even have a bowl of soup with loaded veggies as your dinner. Options are limitless when it comes to having vegetables without sacrificing on taste.  

Avoid Late Night Snacking

Late night snacking is a big no no, even if you don’t intend to lose weight. It is very unhealthy and everyone should avoid binging on crackers or ice cream at night. Even if you are considering choosing healthy alternatives to your favorite munchies, don’t. Even the most healthy options are going to be highly unhealthy for your body when you choose to eat before going to bed. Have your last meal at a reasonable time and make sure you have a filling meal so that you don’t end up craving for anything later. 

Include Workout in Your Routine

Working out is important. People who follow diets and fasting are also suggested to include workouts in their routine. For someone who does not wish to cut down on food, exercise is really important. You can choose to workout in any way you feel comfortable with. Hitting the gym is not necessary. Dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling, running, jogging, walking, aerobics, and cardio are all forms of exercises that one can practice. The idea is to move your body and sweat your weight out.

Drink More Water

Even if you don’t choose to count your calorie intake, keeping a track of your water intake is really important. Make sure you are drinking as much water as you can. No, 5 glasses in a day is not enough, you know that already. And no, water in your coffee cannot be considered water. Drink plain water either at room temperature or ranging towards the hotter end of the scale. You can even choose to drink detox water at times but increasing your plain water intake is highly recommended. Drinking hot water with lemon juice in the morning is also suggested. If you can, you should drink it everyday.

Cut Down on Liquid Calories

I haven’t asked you even once to cut down on your calories but when it comes to liquid calories, I am sorry I had to. Avoid packed drinks such as soft drinks, juices, basically any drink that is extremely high on sugar. You can have your coffee and tea but again, avoid sugar and if you can, reduce the quantity. You can always choose to have green tea instead. It is a better alternative as it is comparatively healthier than coffee.

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