How to Spruce up Your Home With Cushions?

Your home should be a reflection of what you love and what you aspire your home to look like. You cannot settle for less when it comes to decorating your house with things that you love. In fact, the matter of fact is that if you love something truly and you put all your efforts to amp up your decoration game, there is nothing that will stop you from achieving the desired goal. So if you are planning on amping up your decoration game, I have a perfect idea for you. Spruce up your home with cushions because it is the most economical and easy way to refurbish your home. In terms of appeal and splendor, cushions match up to the standards of every other decorative piece in your humble abode. So, here are effective ways to help you decorate your home with astounding cushions. 

Begin at the corner 

It is an almost obvious fact, but cushions look wonderful in every corner of the house. You can apply the corner cushion rule to your house and not even wonder about how it will fit in your decoration strategy. You see, stacking up cushions against a cozy corner in your house is all you need. So, start by spreading a rug or a floor mattress in one cozy corner of your house and then throw some cushions over it. You can also stack the little comfort space you created with and enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one. 

Accentuate your old sofa 

If you are tired looking at the same old sofa with matching cushions, it is time to change the cushions covers or cushions entirely. In fact, it is not even necessary to match the cushions covers. You can buy different colored cushions with the same pattern and stack them on the sofa. Give your sofa a thorough cleaning or get it dry cleaned by professionals and you are good to go. Simply place the cushions in the corner with symmetrical alignment. Also, when it comes to deciding the no. of cushions, for a formal tone pick an even number and for a casual tone you can pick an odd no of cushions. 

Revamp your room with cotton cushion covers

The secret to making your room accentuate with cushion is you have to keep the color of the bed cover and the surrounding walls in mind. You see your room is a closed space and the centerpiece of your room, which by the way is your bed will capture the most attention. So, if you are looking forward to adding cushions to your bedroom, go for bigger cushions and then pick a cushion cover with contrasting colors.

Pro Tip: Avoid any plastic containers and vases to accentuate the look of your home or space. You can get creative with designs and choose ceramic or glass decorations that match the colors of the room.

Now, when you choose the color for your cushions, keep the color of your wall in mind. For instance, white and off-white colored walls will enhance the aesthetics of other plain colors. So, opt for more plain and light colors. You can also match the cushions with the color of the bed sheet but a contrast color will bring out the beauty of the entire bed. As for the corner chairs or window seating you can choose a unique patterned cushion and pick a casual tone for its placement. 

Throw cushions on the rug

If you are a big fan of floor arrangements, pick a clean rug, spread the rug in various sections of your house and then scatter all the cushions over the rug. Not only this but this setting will also accentuate the rest of the setting in the room. And the good news is, you can throw many types of cushion over the rug and you have the freedom to play with the colors and patterns. However, make sure when you are mixing colors you stick to a maximum of three colors to keep the aesthetics intact. Also, if you doubt the arrangement and number of pillows, just follow the 60:30:10 ratio. In other words, place the big cushion in the center, then the mid-tones cushions, and finally the small bright colored cushions. This way you will have a perfect arrangement of cushions on top of your rug. 

Fill up the chairs in your house with cushions 

How can you decorate the empty chairs in your house? It is simple, all you have to do is place a good looking cushion on top of the chair. You can explore something in good textures or patterns to give your chair a unique feel. Or else, add a simple cotton-made cushion on the chair. In fact, you can even place cushions on the dining chairs. And trust me it is not a bad idea. Several people like to place tiny cushions on top of their dining chairs. You see, the best part is, you don’t even need a special course on decoration. Neither do you need to build an online portfolio builder to join a special home decor course. All you need is a beautiful cushion. 

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