Is Getting A Pet Cat A Good Idea?

The idea of an emotional support cat is excellent right? Hell Naw! Some people may say.

As the world was already torn between two halves, dog people and cat people the partition has opened even more, with the introduction of emotional support animals.

Dog people cannot get over the fact that a creature so full of it would also be able to comfort someone.

So, we wrote this blog for you if you are confused about the decision of adopting a cat as an ESA.

What is ESA?

Emotional support animals are pets which a psychologically disturbed patient gets to keep for keeping him/herself calm. 

ESAs are clearly not service animals, which often go through tough training to perform specific tasks for patients.

What makes the cat a perfect ESA?

They are intelligent, yes cats are quite intelligent when it comes to petting, and if you even own a cat, you know it.

As compared to pooches, cats are very calm too, so for the people who are suffering from anxiety issue, cats!

They Give You Space

Not talking down the dogs, but the dog as a pet needs a lot of attention. I myself had a dog once, and it was impossible to leave his sight.

Dogs need to see their favorite humans all the time and fairly speaking, it is not possible in the postmodern world.

Cats, on the other end, are very understanding. They go by their business almost the whole time and shower love when we need it.

They are clean

Cats are very clean, extremely neat, are they. People at times hate them for this reason too but they are what they are.

This cleanliness is the reason one should consider adopting an emotional support cat.

A psychologically disturbed patient won’t want to take care of an animal which sheds a zillion hairs each year.

The purpose of adopting an emotional support animal is that it will take care of you not another way around.

Cats Love Human More Than Food

As per a new study, it is 100% true. Cats prefer human touch over other stimuli.

It is a fact; cats love humans more than food and since always has been beating the cat’s mean attitude.

Cat people are scientifically proven more intelligent

This is not my personal stance but a result of a study by the University of Georgia Studies.

The study dictates that in general, cat lovers score more than dog lovers in intelligent tests.

Saves a lot of money

Dogs are super popular, making them the best marketing pets available. On average Americans spend around $280 while adopting a dog.

In the intervening time, cats are trendy too, but are not very expensive and cost on average just $110 per pet.


Yes, now when you are convinced that you must get an emotional support cat, go apply for an emotional support cat registration, for making your new pet an official emotional support animal.

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