Is Medical Cannabis an Effective Solution For Managing PTSD Symptoms?

Chronic pain, seizure, epilepsy, anorexia, anxiety, depression, cancer. You name it and medical cannabis fits as a solution to almost every known medical condition. Amid all the protest against this plant, it is somehow marking its position in the healthcare system. Making it one of the most influential products in the entire history of medicare. 

But is medical cannabis really effective? Or is it just a fad? Well, definitely not. It is helping thousands of patients relieving their respective symptoms. Likewise, scientists and medical marijuana doctors are making strong affirmations regarding its therapeutic potential in alleviating PTSD symptoms as well.

A report by the Department of Veterans Affairs revealed that approximately 2 patients out of 10 are turning to medical marijuana for reducing the severity of their symptoms. Seems like it is actually helping PTSD patients get out the horrors of their traumatic events. 

Before going further and looking at its innumerable benefits, first, let’s take a minute to understand the condition.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder- A Brief Review

A type of psychiatric disorder that affects a person’s mental ability to control their sudden emotional outbursts. For some, it occurs in the form of traumatic nightmares and for others, it disrupts their regular sleep cycle. 

Surprisingly more than 7 million Americans have been diagnosed with PTSD. That’s definitely a lot. But, what triggers this condition? There are many factors behind that. It can be any traumatic event, be it a loss of loved one or being a part of any sexual assault. So, it becomes important to look for an effective medical intervention. 

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PTSD And Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Luckily, researchers were able to confirm that ECS also plays an important part in the progression of this disorder. It was seen that an increase in the number of CB1 receptors led to a decrease in the concentration of compounds acting as an agonist. So, triggering the production of such agonist molecules will be helpful in reducing any fears or anxiety associated with PTSD.

A study by NYU Langone Medical Center showed that the levels of a neurotransmitter, Anandamide, was less in PTSD patients as compared to others. It is the same compound that helps in managing core functions such as mood, fear, anxiety, or happiness. 

Medical Marijuana As A Natural Mediator For Alleviating PTSD Symptoms

Many pharmaceutical drugs are already available for alleviating this condition. But, those medications have issues of less potency or associated side-effects. Plus, the chances of developing an addiction. Precisely why a lot of patients are turning to medical cannabis for the management of their symptoms effectively. 

But, how does medical marijuana helps to attain the desired homeostasis?

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Medical marijuana is known to modulate the EC system by replenishing the lost endocannabinoids. Thus, reviving the perfect balance naturally without causing any side effects. 

Thereby, making medical cannabis one of the best possible options for relieving a wide array of symptoms. As the plant is a source of incredible phytocannabinoids with similar biochemistry as that of endocannabinoids. Here’s how it keeps the symptoms in check in PTSD patients. 

First of all, it helps in the management of stress or fears with the help of its incredible anxiolytic properties. This particular property also acts as a mood booster or elevator in PTSD patients. Consequently, it helps in reducing any stress factors that might aggravate sleeping issues associated with this condition. Furthermore, a CNS Neurosciences study confirmed that medical cannabis therapy is helpful in reducing rapid eye movement or REM stage of PTSD patients. Hence, no more nightmares. 

A Ray of Hope

USFDA approved a study for analyzing medical cannabis intervention in PTSD veterans. This study received a grant of approx. 2 million dollars from the University of Colorado. Making it one of the first clinical trials across the globe. 

This study will involve around 60 veterans with PTSD symptoms. They will be assigned to different groups. For instance, High THC (12%), High CBD (12%), THC:CBD (8% each), and placebo. 

The initial results revealed that PTSD symptoms were definitely reversed without any indication of drug withdrawal symptoms. If the last stage provides the same results, then within no time, this medication will enter the healthcare market for management of PTSD symptoms significantly. 

To conclude

PTSD is often misunderstood as a rare condition. Or that time can manage this condition by itself. On the contrary, if left untreated it will start affecting your personal and professional commitments. Now that you can answer ‘Is cannabis legal in California?’, you can easily access it if you are suffering from PTSD. With medical marijuana, one can assist PTSD patients by preventing any type of trauma triggers effectively. Thereby, helpful in attaining the necessary emotional well-being. So, choose medical marijuana therapy and revive the lost happiness within no time. Don’t let fears drive away any precious life!

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