Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Pet Right Now

Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Pet Right Now

All animal lovers (like myself) obsessively look for reasons why getting a pet might be the right decision. Then we take these reasons up with our family or roommates to convince them that now is the perfect time to get a pet. But what if I gave you reasons why getting one isn’t the smartest decision right now? 

While getting a fish or a bird might not be as troublesome as other animals, getting a dog, a cat or even a hamster is more work than you think. These animals need a lot of love and care. If you’re not capable of fulfilling their needs, getting a pet right now might not be the best idea. 

Let us introduce you to some scenarios where getting a pet is advised against. 

You Just Moved Out

The process of moving out of your old place and settling into a new one is troublesome enough. You’ve got to clean the whole place, set it up, get groceries and essentials, and of course decorate the house too. You’ll then have to socialize with some of your neighbors, and get a feel of the new place. It always takes a little time before you can feel at home in such a place. 

Now imagine getting a dog in the midst of this chaos. When you’re so busy looking after yourself, who’s gonna look after your furry friend?

You Live Alone

Maybe you have a day job or a night shift, maybe you’re a student who indulges in part time work to get through college. In either of those situations, you’ll probably be out for a majority of the day and your little pup will be left all by himself. 

Like we said, pets need love and attention. If you don’t have time to spend with them or care for them in person, there is no point in getting one. 

Sure, there are daycare centers where you can leave your pet while you work, but are you capable of spending time with them after work? Take them on walks, play with them and cuddle? 

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You’re Living on a Budget

Well honestly, everybody is. But what I mean is a tight budget. Maybe you’re just out of college and got a job that doesn’t pay a lot. You’ve also got student loans to pay for. In a situation like this, taking on the expenses of another being isn’t easy. 

Even if you adopt them from a shelter, they’ll need to be vaccinated, taken to the vet regularly, get spa days for proper cleaning and be fed food best for their growth (not your leftovers). All of this adds quite a sum to your monthly expenses and might prove to be a little too much. 

You’re Ignorant About Their Needs

Maybe you want a pet because you’re lonely, or you love the idea of owning an animal who is capable of unconditional love and companionship. 

In short, you know exactly why you want a pet, but not what that pet would need from you. 

Pets need you to:

  • Take them for walks
  • Play with them
  • Feed them
  • Get their ticks out
  • Clean them, trim their fur and nails
  • Get them their shots
  • Feed them nutritious food 
  • Keep them hydrated at all times
  • Clean up after them
  • Train them to follow basic commands
  • Get them toys and a bed 
  • Take care of them in illness
  • Spend time with them
  • Support them emotionally

Unless you’re capable of taking on all these responsibilities you shouldn’t invest in a pet. 

As an animal lover, I understand the thrill of wanting a pet, I had one, briefly. More so, my roommate did. But because she didn’t have time for him, never took him on walks, fed him at irregular times during the day, rarely took him to get his fur trimmed and even didn’t clean up after him for days at a time; the poor 3 month old pup fell sick. (he’s okay now). 

The only thing I learnt in those few days was that- just because you love animals isn’t reason enough to get one.