Does Cannabis Go Bad

Can Your Weed go Bad? What to do if it Does?

To answer the first question, it would be “Yes” or Absolutely. Your weed can go bad. It is a perishable product. So, it is obvious that organic things have a shelf life and can go bad over time. But, the question that you must be concerned about here is “why.” But, before that, let’s talk […]

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medical marijuana in New York

How Can Medical Cannabis Help in Treating OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic condition that involves recurring thoughts, obsessions, and behaviors. People have many misconceptions and inaccurate depictions regarding the condition. However, some of its causes are due to similar to that of other mental illnesses.  Some of the symptoms of OCD include fear of being contaminated by germs, fear of […]

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