Things You Should Try In California

For an adventurous tourist, California is one of the best places to explore the sunny beaches and foggy forests. Even driving through California highways can be a life-changing experience. It may get a bit dramatic when you travel from Mexico to Oregon, but you will enjoy the varying landscapes and cultures after passing every mile. Moreover, California is known for offering the best entertainment, Hollywood, providing you ample options to explore the world leader of art and technology. If you’re someone eyeing on the charming little towns and wilder expeditions, then you will enjoy the endless activities and places in California.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, Lancaster

Poppy is the state flower of California and you won’t find a better place than Antelope Valley filled with red, orange, and yellow flowers anywhere else. However, when you visit the place considering the blossom, you will cherish the visit to this most beautiful place. Prefer to go in mid-February through May for the best wildflower viewing. Apart from this, you need to take care of many things before heading off to this place and get the best shot for posting on social media. This valley is located outside California, so someone who is around should never give this reserve a miss. 

Golden Gate Bridge

If you are visiting Northern California, you should go for a walk or a bike ride on the Golden Gate Bridge. You have a surreal experience while enjoying the gentle sway and top-of-the-world views standing on it. Even when you drive over this iconic landmark of California, you will be stunned by its view. Every photographer has in their to-do list to click this bridge once in the lifetime. And, the signature orange color of this bridge with the Art Deco styling gives a sensory experience. 

Irvine Spectrum Center

If you are a shopaholic, then you should visit the shopping center with more than 100 boutique shops at this place. With this, you can enjoy the spa, cinema, and various dining options. And, the high Giant wheel will capture your attention, that has been added by the Irvine city council to give the view of the entire area. It looks very elegant in the night when every place in that area is lit to attract more people to the stores. There are stores offering clothes and amazing decoration items such as cushions, sceneries, to amp up the decoration of your home economically. After the focus of authorities on safety and technology, there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors in Irvine.

Disneyland & California Adventure

The most fun thing to do in California is to visit Disneyland and California Adventure. Either you enjoy going from ride to ride or strolling through the neon lights at night, you will like this place. However, California Adventure should be preferred by adults as it is more geared for them and the thrill rides make their visit worthwhile whereas Disneyland offers classic favorites that should be experienced by everyone once in their life. If you have planned to go to Disneyland, never miss Pixar Pier and Radiators Springs Racers. You can also discover the Disney resort to make your visit to Disneyland more memorable.

Monterey and Carmel

We all know Carmel-by-the-sea is one of the prettiest places in the US. And, to drive through the 17-mile Pacific coastline with three sides of the Pacific coastline, you have to pay a fee while walking, and biking is not chargeable. If you are traveling with your partner, a drive along this coast will be a good romantic adventure. Wrapped by the pacific ocean from three sides, fine dining or a good coffee around the tossed beaches is a must-visit. And, you’ll enjoy spending time on the white sands and get to learn about the rich history of Carmel. 

San Francisco Botanical Garden

If you are keen to see the buds growing from around the world in one place, then you should visit this garden. There are more than 9000 different kinds of plants collected from Chile, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, and many more places. A stroll through this garden is an immersive experience for the one who loves flowers and plants. Many buds have been specially transported from different places for research purposes. A visit here will make you appreciate the planet’s biodiversity


California is a state where one can have a whale of experiences in a day. Starting from gigantic redwoods to hostile natural landscapes, you will enjoy the memorable experiences while exploring California. Especially if you want to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities and want to get stress-free, a tour to these parts of California is recommended.