Top 4 Ways To Fix A Front Cracked Tooth

Top 4 Ways To Fix A Front Cracked Tooth

Human body is a complex machine. It is made of different sizes of bones, muscles, organs, and nerves. Every element of the body works together helping us to move, jump, dance and eat. That is why taking care of the body is key to a healthier and fit life. But, easier said than done. We often neglect the basic cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, dental health takes most of the toll. So, whether it’s because of negligence or injuries, millions of people worldwide suffer from poor oral health. 

There are a plethora of dental injuries such as cracked front tooth. Perhaps you took a big bite of frozen food, or someone bumped you during a basketball game. In case you have cracked your front tooth, it’s important to seek medical care. Sometimes, small injuries can be fixed at home, but others might need proper treatment. 

Solution #1: Bonding

A chipped tooth is usually fixed by using the technique called Bonding. It improves the tooth by adding a composite resin which has the same color as your natural tooth. So, once the crack is filled, it’s hard to tell whether or not it was cracked in the first place! It is less pricey and requires fewer trips to the dentist. Sometimes, this technique also involves teeth whitening, which gives them a bright fresh look.  Typically, you’d only need one visit. But, in case you want to do it at home, follow the tips of Men’s Journal. It contains three products that help you with teeth whitening. 

Solution #2: Crown 

Crown technique is used for those deep and long cracks that have not reached to the roots or below the gumline. A dentist usually covers them up with a mixture made from porcelain. It acts as a protection for the damaged tooth, promotes restoration and improves the overall shape. That said, you will spend some time on your dentist’s chair because it might probably need a couple of visits. Without a doubt, crown technique is much more durable and offers long-lasting results. 

Solution #3: Root Canal 

Perhaps you might have already heard about it from relatives and other family members. It’s a very common technique, used to fill the cracks which affect both the inside and outside of the tooth. In the worst case, the crack reaches the pulp, and a root canal is done to treat the inflammation and the tooth is saved. Although the process could sound painful, it’s somewhat just like getting a filling, nowadays it’s relatively comfortable. 

Solution #4: Implant

Let’s suppose the crack reaches below the gumline, then it becomes untreatable. Don’t worry, this means that your dentist will first remove the tooth. That doesn’t mean you will be left with space, the surgeon will install an implant. It will be placed on your jawbone and covered with a crown. Typically, it fits so well that it’s impossible to make a difference. 

Wrapping Up 

The treatment you get will depend on the severity of your crack. Sometimes, even placing a veneer would do the work. It is a thin piece of porcelain which is glued to the front of your teeth. This treatment helps patients to get a fix on discolored or chipped teeth. Otherwise, you can go for bonding. Once the treatment is over, you’d need to be extra cautious in taking care of them. Always brush twice a day and use floss.