Why Shouldn’t You Be Afraid To Get An Emotional Support Animal?

We all find it difficult to deal with hard days. A bad day at the office leaves us anxious and depressed. Most of us try to get over it by watching something or just having a good night’s sleep. However, not all can handle the anxiousness with these methods.

Being depressed everyday is dangerous and leads to other issues. To control such responses most of the licensed health professionals suggest getting an emotional support animal. It’s relaxing to spend some time with your pet rather than browsing online on social media websites. There are various types of animals that are designated for different purposes. Out of all, the most popular ones are emotional support animals.

What Are Emotional Support Animals?

They are assigned by doctors to patients as a treatment plan to lessen the symptoms of various mental and physical health issues and are safer than prescribed medications. It is commonly recommended for depression, anxiety, and mental disorders. They’re not the complete treatment plan but their presence calms the patient. And, contributes to the mental well being of a person. However, some people are scared to get the ESA. Let’s discuss the most common reasons why.

They hate animals

Many people hate animals or are scared of them. They think they create a nuisance and are overly dependent on them. However, when they’re assigned for anxiety disorder, people are skeptical about it. 

But after staying with them for some time, they help them to mitigate stress. The entire scenario changes and the person can deal with disability easily after staying with an ESA.

Though hatred doesn’t change to a bond instantly. It takes some time when the person is scared. Spending some time watching cute videos will help you in developing a good bond with the animal. Apart from that, you can take suggestions from your friends who already have an emotional support animal; their guidance will help you to get rid of the fear of animals and make a good connection with them.

They’re the perfect solution to deal with mental disorders that one develops by staying alone. ESA’s are somehow equivalent to a human friend as they can gauge into your emotions by looking in your eyes.

False information

There is a lot of misleading information about the rules and regulations. One needs to understand all the requirements thoroughly to avoid being misled by the authorities. Licensed therapists provide appropriate information regarding it whereas there’re plenty of frauds who keep people misinformed about the laws to make money. There are ample of companies faking the ESA letter and exploiting the public. People need to be cautious to get an authentic ESA letter to deal with the mental condition.

Some research and reviews will help you in finding the right place to get an emotional support animal.

The scammers may provide you hefty discounts or permission to take the animals everywhere. But one should always check the authenticity to make the right decisions. Deciding on the claims they made doesn’t guarantee the animal would help in mental stability at home or when you dine out. Take the ESA from a registered place, to ensure the person with a disability gets some help with the emotional trauma.

The cuddly and nurturing animal gives you warmth every day. It affects a person’s mood and brain function. Just petting a dog or cat will lower the blood pressure and motivates one to work for their goals. Moreover, when you take them to play or walks, you’ll get in touch with emotional support animals and develop a bond even with them. Taking them along while going for a coffee with friends reduces stress and improves self-esteem after social interactions.

If your treatment plan includes an ESA, get it from a licensed clinic. Getting them is a gateway to years of companionship and loyalty. Their presence will make you calm and happy.


If your emotional or mental illnesses qualify you for an emotional support animal. Choose the animal wisely. If you’re one of those who are scared of animals, then take help from your therapist or your friends to get familiar with the animal. They’re not specially trained, but they use different techniques that help people with disabilities.

And, they can travel with you on the flights and help you overcome the social anxiety by being always on your side. An assistance animal handler identification card can be shown to anyone if someone asks about them. It is only issued with an Emotional Support Dog Certificate with a validity of a year. It’s on the letterhead of the therapist with the therapist’s license number, issuing date, and contact information. 

Apart from this, you don’t need anything to take your ESA anywhere. Although depending on the animal, there might be different requirements. But the effect they have on your condition saves you from seeking professional help every next day. And, don’t be intimidated by the false information or fear to get an ESA home, when your therapists suggest it.

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